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For 28+ years Robert Prather has served as the arbitrator or mediator in many types of cases. He has also represented his clients in arbitration and mediation as their advocate.

Skilled Texas Alternative Dispute Resolution Attorneys Offer Cost-Effective Options

Proven methods by Dallas lawyers save time, stress and expense

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) refers to a number of methods used to settle controversies outside the civil trial court system. These include arbitration and mediation and collaborative law. When you choose the ADR route, it’s important to remember you are still involved in an adversarial process. Moreover, if you agree to arbitration, you are giving up certain legal rights, like to be able to appeal the decision. At Pyne & Prather, P.C., in Dallas, we represent people in ADR proceedings to help them arrive at acceptable settlements. We draw upon 28+ years of ADR experience with a backround of 125+ jury verdicts, in guiding clients toward favorable results that save them time, money and stress in ADR. We also derve as an arbitrator, mediator or collaborative lawyer.

Contact an established Texas ADR law firm

There are many benefits to alternative dispute resolution for various types of civil, commercial and estate disputes. For capable ADR assistance, seek the experience of an established Texas ADR firm at Pyne & Prather, P.C.. To schedule a consultation at our Dallas office, call 214-932-1779 or contact us online today.